An Introduction to the Wasting Time Movement


An Introduction to the Wasting Time Movement


Reclaim your time.

Enjoy your life.

Let your mind wander.


Wasting, especially wasting time, has such a negative connotation. 


And yet, when I’m off “wasting time”, that’s when my brain clicks. It’ll realise things. Make connections. Remind me of “to do’s”. 


What do you need from this movement?

Do you need a permission slip to stop thinking about work and business and go enjoy that new series on Netflix? Do you need help to find a new hobby? To find some time in your day to make a healthier meal or take a slow walk?


I’d love to know more about you, your life and how you waste your time through this survey. It has no compulsory question – if you’re not comfortable answering anything, please skip that question. 


What do you want to see from the Wasting Time Movement?


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